About Set Medical




Set Medical as a name has only been around for the past five years in reality it started life in 1997. The original name was Filmset first aid and then went under the umbrella of South Coast Ambulance Service, a private ambulance service that I set up in 2000.

Unfortunately, the name South Coast Ambulance service did tend to Geographies the area that I covered and I found some Production Companies were only using me when they were filming in the South East of the country, so Set Medical Service replaced Filmset First Aid as a name. In 2006 I sold off South Coast Ambulance and just kept the TV & Film Medical Service as a stand alone business and “Set Medical Service” was the name I stayed with.

This Range Rover Ambulance was the 1st Vehicle owned by Filmset First Aid.

The Photo shows it working on the Gladiator Set at Born Wood (Germania).

 It was the only 4X4 not to get stuck 

This Frontera has been my work horse from day one, the only reason for selling it was that I needed a duel purpose vehicle i.e. a 1st response vehicle that has a full size stretcher

The Frontera shown here on a Smirnoff Set was the second vehicle to join the business although I owned it prior to setting up South Coast Ambulance

The Chevy & Transit were the next additions and the 4 vehicles were part of the newly formed South Coast Ambulance service