What’s on Offer





Fully Qualified Unit Nurse/Medic.


Easily Identifiable on set.


Works as a team member


Fully kitted & identifiable 4x4 vehicle


Fully Insured


Over 12 years working in the  Film & TV Industry.


Full Time


Technical advise - Including Health & Safety




Action Vehicle



So What  Does This Mean & what are the benefits to you in having more than just a first aider?

* A fully qualified Medic when on a shoot is dedicated to one job whereas a 1st Aider will be doing it as a secondary job. (legally if your 1st aider is not on set you should stop shooting until their return i.e. a runner may have been sent out to get something from the shops.

*By having a fully qualified medic could mean a reduction in your insurance cost’s as there are many things a 1st Aider would need to get outside medical help and this could mean costly down time in filming. Whereas a EMT/Paramedic/Nurse may be able to treat the problem on Set. (Many Insurance companies do give a discount for having a Medic rather than just a 1st Aider. (Why not ask yours for your next production ?)

* By having an identifiable dress code you can see who to go to easily and this can be quite important if you are spurting blood. 

* I often help move a bit of track or help with lifting of the dolly or even rolling up cable’s on the de-rig. In reality this is being one of the team.

* Fully Kitted 4x4 Ambulance means that you can have peace of mind that what ever happens there's the right equipment available and because the vehicle is a marked emergency vehicle you wont get hit with congestion and  parking charges  and there's not many places this 4x4 wont go.

* Public liability and Medical Indemnity insurance cover.

* Having worked in this industry for over 14 years does mean that  I know the ropes (well a lot of them) and understand the way things work.

*By being full time means that I can on most occasions do a longer shoot (more than 1 day) from start to finish.

*Technical advise can be given on Ambulance/Medical subjects also Health and Safety for the shoot.

*There is no problem in doing in-shot (there was one week I was on the telly every night in different productions )

* My vehicle is also available for In-Shot work.